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Maestro – Impro Comedy Show

The excitement, the fun, the drama – ViennaImprov is bringing Maestro Impro(TM),, the most famous theatresports format across the world, played in over 20 countries, to Vienna. Developed by impro legend Keith Johnstone, the format enables improvisors of different backgrounds and experience to challenge and play with each other, all while entertaining the audience in a competition style show.

The contestants will consist of players from all over Vienna’s impro scene. The show has an elimination structure, where randomly chosen improvisors play scenes with each other. The directors set up the scenes, which will be scored by the audience. The players given the highest scores continue while those with lower scores leave the show. This goes on for several rounds until only one improvisor remains – the Maestro.

Players: Anne Rab, Christoph Pöll, Hon Chong, Julia Füsselberger, Kathy Tanner, Klara Howorka, Marie De Waal, Matthias Schreiber, Sébastien Hansen, Shawn Fischer – and maybe yoo?

Free warm-up workshop by Felipe Ortiz at 5:30 PM – your chance to be part of the show:

Directed by Felipe Ortiz and Georg Bauer
MC: Christof Schmidt
Piano: Erik Rysavy
Lights: Chrissi Berzaczy

Doors open 7 PM – Reservation highly recommended!
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20 Mrz 2022





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