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Finissage: Drag Lab X – Photo Exhibition // Auction // Performance

After the first year of Drag Lab, the exhibition Drag Lab X gives an insight in Viennas vibrant queer scene.
Photographer Doris Himmelbauer has captured people´s extraordinary looks at the weekly event and is curating this exhibition to showcase her visual impression. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a series of portraits of every performer that took the stage at Drag Lab this year. Focusing on the diversity of artists, from Drag Queens and Kings to Monsters and other types of queer performers, is one of the main goals of the exhibition.
Drag Lab is an open stage for queer and Drag performers. Founded in Summer 2021 by Metamorkid and Joshi Lang, the main idea was to create a safe space for people to express themselves. During the Covid lockdowns, a lot of queer spaces hadn´t been accessible and there weren´t any real opportunities for newcomers to start performing.
DragLab started to give an open stage to performers of any kind. A stage for queens/kings/monsters and entertainers that want to explore and improve their artistry in a positive, community-driven environment.


07 Jul 2022





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