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Sid Singh: Illegally Funny – Stand Up Comedy Refugee Fundraiser!

The world is crazy and you deserve better! Sid will make it all make sense, make you LAUGH so hard it hurts, and help you save refugees!

In a world where no one has any idea who to listen to anymore, Sid explores what it means to actually be smart by making you laugh at the crazy things he did and the amazing things you did since the last time he was at the Fringe.

“Ocean broad hilarity! The comedian who won a legal battle for human rights has some stories to tell. And you won’t regret listening to them.” ★★★★★ Butterworth Comedy

“His expert skill at storytelling draws you in clsoe so he can hit you with some of the hardest punchlines I’ve ever heard – Frequently doubling the audience over and leaving them struggling to breathe.” ★★★★★ Comedy Clubhouse Barcelona

“One of the most unique, prescient and politically powerful shows of the whole festival!” ★★★★ Scotsman

“Intelligent and hugely varied hour of excellent stand-up, delivered at a screwball pace” ★★★★ Wee Review “How is this guy not bigger than he currently is?” ★★★★ Radio Ha-Ha

“Seriously, how is this guy not bigger than he currently is?” Chortle


25 Okt 2022





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