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Shaku Maku 2.0 with Kiri & Friends

Karrar Alsaadi ( kiri ) – Vocal
Boualem dahmani – Guitar
Raphael puri jobi – Keyboard
Cheikh Ndao – Bass
Sebastian Haidutschek – special guest (Drums)

The Band
The project “Kiri & Friends” involves different musicians* with diverse backgrounds and experiences. A combination of Austrian and international artists who combine elements of jazz, funk and world music in the sense of a musical conversation. Accompanied by oriental blues, classical instruments like trumpet, saxophone, guitar and violin meet Arabic sounds and African rhythms. 

The song lyrics themselves deal with the desire for freedom and security, the arrival and the togetherness. A music that wants to be heard and lives from the stage and the audience. Interactively, this should invite the listeners to experience music.

Karrar Alsaadi 
Kiri, an Austrian-Iraqi artist and musician, studied music at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad and has been living in Vienna, Austria since 2015. At the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (MDW) he is enrolled in xy since 2018. His extensive repertoire in sound design,composition, and performance, the artist has already demonstrated it through various projects

The result is a distinctive and unique sound palette of intercultural musicians. It combines contemporary music elements like Modern Jazz & funk & electronic music with traditional Oriental sounds, and Kiri’s authentic songwriting.His career has taken him to over 10 countries around the world and to the most prestigious venues.

In 2019, Kiri composed the music for the film “BALA MARKET” directed by Hussein Wham , He also composed the music for the film “FILM 201933” by Leonie Wimmeri. He collaborated once again with Mohanad Ibrahim on his new film “Phobie”, due for release in 2024. Since then, Kiri has composed some more than 10 soundtracks for the cinema.

Between 2007 and 2023, Kiri produced, composed, arranged and produced more than 15 Theater plays & performances.

Kombiticket: Kiri&Friends @Spektakel & Afterparty Celeste 12€  
Ticket Spektakel : 8€
Ticket Celeste:  5 €


29 Apr 2023





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