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Impromontag – English improv: Lotus & Jam

Lotus and Jam at Spektakel’s Impromontag

6 People from 5 different countries play 4 you 3 relationships over time – come and see how stories develop and unfold, perhaps even blossom – like a lotus – these are the ingredients of the first half of the Impromontag show this time.

Right after it – Improv JAM! Delicious sweet jellylike mixture of the improv skills from everyone of you, who wants to try yourself. The stage will be open to playour games!
Looking forward to see you!

Attention: This will be a 2G event! This means that only those who are fully vaccinated or have recovered from a Covid-19 infection in the last 6 months will be allowed entrance. 

IMPORTANT: If you wish to participate in the Jam, you also need to have a valid PCR test.

Eintritt: 8€
Beginn: 19.30 Uhr
Einlass ab 19.00 Uhr


08 Nov 2021





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