Event Date: 1. June 2019
Event Time: 20:00

1.+2. Juni 2019, Beginn: 20:00 Uhr, Eintritt: 9€/7,50€

Jessica (Tamalynne Grant), a struggling actress, is about to be cast as the lead in a feature film. Olivia (Xiomara Meyer), a struggling writer, is about to have her novel signed by a prestigious publisher.

Both are so close they can almost reap the fruits of their labour until they are told they must each change one simple thing in order to get the job: Jessica must comply with being „sexy“ and Olivia must take on a male pseudonym if she wants her book to sell.

Partially inspired by true experiences, „The Struggling Life of an Artist“ is a comedy told through the occasional song that approaches current discussions including sexism, feminism and millenial angst with a hint of sarcasm. It showcases not just the hardships of being a female trying to breakthrough a male-dominated industry, but on a larger scale the one big conundrum every artist will undoubtedly face: the choice to forfeit artistic integrity in the name of „success“, or to stay true to their art but miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.