Event Date: 8. June 2018
Event Time: 20:00

30.05., 08.+09.06.2018, Einlass: 19:30 Uhr, Beginn: 20:00 Eintritt: 18€/20€


Alice is Back With a Vengeance in Vienna

Childrens theater talent Nina-Marie Mayer takes on the role of Alice, making all the wrong decisions as Wonderland keeps haunting her.

Vienna, AUSTRIA, March 2, 2018 – Alice and various inhabitants of Wonderland are coming to Vienna; The Fall of Alice is a brand new stage adaptation, which explores the troubled mind of an adolescent Alice. This production of Lewis Carroll’s beloved book opens in Vienna end of May. 

The minimalist set, choice of music and sequence of grim, unsettling scenes set this Alice apart from other adaptations.

It doesnt make sense to put out another production line Alice in Wonderland,said director Jason Cloud, whos also starring. As showcased in his previous production Jack Mormon, Cloud remains true to his style Were all born with a morbid curiosity, the mind is easily corrupted. The team needed to think outside the box to ensure that this production would be extra special, while still capturing the essence of the original.

The Fall of Alice will be performed at Spektakel on 30.05 (Vorpremiere), 08.06 (Premiere) and 09.06.2018.


Tickets can be booked at https://spektakel.wien/karten-reservieren/
Additional information and upcoming shows can be found at jasonsinclaircloud.com.

About Jason Cloud

Born in the US, Jason Cloud relocates to Europe in 2010 in pursuit of his personal, professional and artistic development in the music capital of the world. He does not shy away from addressing social taboos in his acts which are critical and often times self-deprecating.