Event Date: 13. June 2019
Event Time: 20:00

13.06.2019, Beginn: 20:00 Uhr, Eintritt: 15€

SARAH & CHRIS | love-journey
piano – guitar – voice – handpan

mime-1CHRIS | handpan (A-Vienna)
This artist is a unique live experience.
Like sacred chants he automatically takes you into kind of a meditational
status. Your thoughts, your hectic life with all the things you´ve got in
your head and on your mind will be gone for this moment.
Chris music is disrupting the fast pace of our hectic lives, he takes us on
a gentle journey full of harmony, tenderness and deceleration.
Slow down and relax, take some time off with Chris Handpan Music
on your private event, corporate show, yoga retreat, art exhibition or
classical concert. People lust for extraordinary experiences and he is a unique,
touching artist that hits the spirit of the time just perfectly.

mime-2Hi. I’m Sarah McSweeney, a classically trained pianist and opera singer with years of deep exploration
on the healing path in search of finding what I now call Divine Healing Energy, or, The Light.


During my live concerts I combine my background of classical music and my love of meditation
and the healing journey with the intention to bring our awareness as a group to Divine Healing Light.
In this Healing Light space we have the opportunity to reconnect to our own Divine selves,
our souls purpose, to The Light, and to one another.

What people are saying about Sarah McSweeney Music:

“Sarah’s singing and music soothes my mind and brings me to a place of serenity.
-Dr. Joe Vitale, author “Zero Limits,” star in movie “The Secret”

“Sarah is a great musician with a gorgeous voice that has captivated my whole family.”
-Amazon review

“Sarah McSweeney brings through pure love, channeled healing energy,
and light that cracks open the heart and touches your soul. It’s the deepest heart music out there.
I go to her for my work – to bring through light. I feel centered in LOVE, VULNERABILITY and the Divine.”
-Rev. Jennifer Hanson