Event Date: 16. May 2018
Event Time: 20:00
16.05.2018, 20:00 Uhr, Eintritt: 10€
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About Saad Ghefari:
Born in Damascus / Syria 1981.
Graduate from acting school in Damascus at 2005 and since then lived the actor’s miserable life .
Got married and had a baby and a new hope of a better carrier,no chance , no money , and the dream of being a famous actor in Syria is fading.
And to make it worse the war began and the dream fleas.As the Syrian mythology “The Phenix”  Saad has raised up from the dead and came up
with a new idea “in Syria” and he made his first standup comedy show and it was a blast ,and he began a new carries but there is no happy ending ,
he forced to run away from Syria to after five years living in war because a joke about the Syrian president he said in one of his shows.
And now he is in Vienna doing his solo Stand-up in English.
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