Event Date: 29. January 2016
Event Time: 19:00

12308103_950319465035574_7974642532793840971_o29.01.2016 – 19:00 Uhr

This is it! This one is for you!
Come together for the finest quality Karaoke ever!

Put on your dancing shoes and your microphone gloves. Swing on over to one handsome devil of a karaoke DJ. Flirt a little, maybe shed some tears and take the stage with one of over 20,000 (OMG!!!) classics. Also, choose from our wide array of costumes to complete your stage persona. A little bit shy? No problemo! Hide in a cocktail made out of special effects. GOSH! I know right!? We’ll make you feel like a star.

Come early! We’ll kick things off with a grand opening ceremony and wrap things up at 11, so you can go ahead and enjoy some other fine parties happening that night.

Free entry! Invite your friends and duet partners.