Event Date: 21. May 2019
Event Time: 20:00
Jack Mormon – Tragicomedy of an ex-missionary
Respectfully dedicated to Brad Lauritzen (1947-1971), Kip Eliason (1966-1982), Jay Lynn Peterson (1966-1998), Henry Stuart Matis (1967-2000), Clay Whitmer (1965-2000), Brian Hyer Thompson (1967-2000), Bryan Jordan Smith (1983-2004), Jordan James Jensen (1989-2007) and many more.
An intense two-act narrative on the crippling pressure of faith and society’s expectations altogether, directed from a character’s point of view.Former missionary opens up about his struggles in the Latter-day church after his failed suicide attempt. Despite his miraculous survival, he is left in pieces, with nothing to believe in or hope for.  The conflict of the play progresses from individual against individual, through individual against their community, up to individual against society. 
“The pressure the world can place on us can be crippling, whether it is living up to increasingly higher expectations, overachieving and 
being the best in a highly competitive world, or losing faith in the conservative moral values of our upbringing. 
All of these have a significant impact on suicide and depression. Jack stands up for those who gave up in the increasingly harder game of life. “
Although well-received by the audience, author and real-life member Jason Cloud was confronted and heavily criticized by the Church’s media
representatives and opinion leaders in Austria prior to the production’s premiere in 2017.
Jason Cloud, Nicola Sègur, Dana Proetsch and Sabine Steinegger
Production Dates:
21.05. & 28.05.2019 at 20:00
Tickets: Wien Ticket